Vision, Values & Mission


To prevent postnatal depression in mothers who are at-risk, and to work towards wellness for mothers with existing postnatal depression.


  • Prevent postnatal depression from occurring in mothers who are at-risk wherever possible
  • Reduce the severity of postnatal depression and the resulting consequences, eg. Psychiatric hospitalization (separated from baby), attachment issues with baby (and potential consequences of poor attachment for that child including delinquency, learning difficulties, mental illness, addictions, suicide), marriage/relationship breakdown, neglect/abuse of children, harm to baby/others or suicide,removal of children into CYFS care etc.
  • Reduce the length of time a mother is depressed, or if chronic, to work towards wellness with that mother


The Symbol of our Logo Metaphor:

Picture of an (open) hand holding a bird:  “In order to fly we need support”

  • The open hand represents Mothers Helpers. It is not closed tightly around the bird because we aim to empower the mother not cause dependency so as to impair her ability to “fly”
  • The bird represents the mother that we are supporting. “Flying” might mean something different to every individual. Therefore, it’s important to understand a mother’s goals and to incorporate the whole person ie. physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and cultural wellbeing.
  • The five fingers of the hand represents five areas we offer support based on our intrinsic values: Aroha, Family, Community, Knowledge, Resources


  • Mothers Helpers provides a 10 -week recovery programme facilitated by counselling students and social work students.  The aim is that this programme will be available nationwide as facilitators become available – particularly focusing on areas that do not already have support available to mothers with mild-moderate postnatal depression (who do not fit the criteria of Maternal Mental Health or Community Mental Health services).  Facilitators are provided with training and weekly supervision.  It is our hope that after 10 weeks the group will continue to meet to support one another.
  • Mothers Helpers is working to provide home help in the form of childcare (with some light housework) to families who are affected by stress or illness including Postnatal Depression.  We are concentrating on setting this up in Auckland areas where this is not currently covered by other services such as Parent Aid or Parent Port and hope to gradually increase this service nationwide in areas that do not provide a similar service.