Vacancies in Governance

There are current governance vacancies for our Board of Trustees and our Advisory Committee

A governance role is a real privilege because in this role we becoming instrumental in leading change.  The focus of our direction and decision-making determine what that change will be and how it will take place.  Mothers Helpers currently has a core team of Board of Trustees and we are happy to hold current vacancies open until we find the right people to join us.  Ideally you would be located in Auckland since that is where all Board of Trustees live and where the majority of Mothers Helpers’ work is based, however we are open to the possibility of skyping you in for meetings.

The two vacancies we have available on our Board are:

Treasurer: with either an accounting qualification (or similar) or strong financial management experience


In either role it would be preferable if you had previous governance experience or at least some experience in strategic thinking.  We would also like to see a passion and heart for the cause.

Board Members would need to have served on our Advisory Committee or in some other voluntary capacity in operations for a minimum of two months and to have joined as a Friend of Mothers Helpers in order to be nominated for consideration on the Board.

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…and we will send you a full role description on each of these roles and the time and commitment it involves.

Advisory Committee

We are looking for health professionals to form an Advisory Committee of experts – specifically: doctors, midwives, well child nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists.  You would need to commit to attending every second Board meeting that is open to the “Friends of Mothers Helpers” (bi-monthly).  There may be the odd occasion where you would be asked to meet together separately as a committee to discuss matters in which the Board of Trustees  wish to specifically seek your viewpoint that requires more time than the Board meeting allows.

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We are also looking for individual advisors that possess skills that would benefit the ongoing governance of Mothers Helpers.  These individuals may not have the time or skills to commit to being a full board member of Mothers Helpers but would like to contribute the time they do have.

Skills/experience we are actively looking for (but we will consider all roles):

Commercial Law

Accounting/Financial Management

We expect that you would be able to offer Mothers Helpers a minimum of 4hrs/month in this role.  As part of those 4hrs/month, we would need you to attend as many “Friends of Mothers Helpers” meetings as you were able to (a minimum of two per year).  These are held bi-monthly.  Otherwise, we may invite you to a Board of Trustees meeting (either in person or via Skype) when we have specific questions that you might help us with.

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