Are You At Risk of PND?


 Take a look at our checklist below – do any of the following apply to you:


  • Previous episode of clinical depression
  • Family history of depression/mental illness
  • Single mother
  • Young mother (<22yo)
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Financial difficulties
  • Traumatic birth experience
  • Breastfeeding problems
  • Sick child (including colic and reflux)
  • Poor family support
  • Prolonged sleep deprivation (less than 6hrs sleep at one time for longer than 3 months)

If you have answered “yes” to any of these – then you may be at-risk of developing Postnatal Depression – but you can prevent it from occurring and if it does occur, by catching it early, you can recover quickly.  Request Help from Mothers Helpers so that you can prevent it or catch it early through the support and information we can offer you:


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If you would like to test yourself to see if you might have Postnatal Depression, take a look at our PND Symptoms page