Recommended GP’s and Midwives

The following recommendations have been made by mothers who have been diagnosed with Postnatal Depression:

We asked mums to recommend  a midwife or GP they’ve experienced to be supportive, thorough and responsive to their postnatal depression – treating it holistically and getting them the help they needed.  These are the GP’s and midwives they recommended:


General Practitioners


Northland (Wellsford & Kaipara Region)

Dr Neil Anderson, Coast to Coast Healthcare

North Shore (Auckland)

Dr John Wellingham, Apollo Medical Centre

Dr Anna Gruchy, Coastcare Chartwell Medical Centre

East Auckland

Dr Richard Hulme, East Tamaki Healthcare

West Auckland

Dr Nicola Marris, Upper Harbour Medical Centre

Dr Michelle Conning, Titirangi Medical Centre

Dr Rachel Appleby, Massey Medical Centre


Dr Rebecca Potts, Ostend Medical Centre


Dr Stanley Koshy, Radius Medical Centre, Hamilton

Wellington Region

Dr Debbie Chitty, Brooklyn Central Health

Dr Shelley Thompson, Paraparaumu Medical Centre

Dr Tim Smith, Paraparaumu Medical Centre

Dr Anne-Marie Cullen, Khandallah Medical Centre

Dr Michael Buckley, Khandallah Medical Centre

Dr Brenda Gibson, Terrace Medical Centre

Dr Rachel Waters, Churton Park Medical Centre

Newton Union Health

Dr Alison Craig, Onslow Medical Centre

Dr Arlene Smith, Island Bay Medical Centre

Dr Sarah Painter, Lower Hutt Medical Centre

Dr Cullen, Lower Hutt Medical Centre

Dr Masters, Lower Hutt Medical Centre




West Auckland

Glenda Southey, Midwives Green Bay


Sarah Thorn

Wellington Region

Lisa Smith

Noreen Jewell

Georgia Killen

Michelle Vincent (Ngaio Medical Centre)

Michelle Pearson

Would you like to list your GP/Midwife as someone who was supportive and helpful to you when you had PND to help another mum find support?  ADD THEM HERE