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Mothers Helpers provides a 10 week Perinatal Depression/Anxiety Recovery Course…The majority of mums who have attended the course have showed remarkable improvements.  Many have fully recovered from Postnatal Depression, the rest have shown massive improvements in their depressive symptoms and continue to improve.

Here’s What Some of the Mums are Saying About It:

“The Mother’s Helpers PND course is amazing and invaluable for anyone experiencing post natal distress. It provides practical and insightful content to help you discover more about yourself and get you on the road to recovery. The caring and empathetic support I received from the course leader and other participants was amazing!” ~ Bridget

“A couple of weeks ago now I finished one of the PND courses at St Heliers. I just wanted to say how amazing it was! I really enjoyed the group counselling sessions, which I wasn’t so sure about at first. But it was just great knowing other mums that had gone through the same things I had. And the support was just invaluable, both from the other mums there and our counsellor. The sessions were also amazing, I learnt so much from them all and they have really helped me. I cannot highly recommend this course enough. It’s just been wonderful. I’m so happy I found Mother’s Helpers.” ~ Megan



Content of the 10 Week ‘Prevention & Recovery from Postnatal Depression’ Group

1. What is Postnatal Depression & Anxiety?

2. Medication & Alternatives

3. Counselling (CBT)

4. Exercise

5. Diet

6. Risk Factors, Stressors & Triggers

7. Mindfulness, Meditation & Other Methods

8. Self-care & Self-esteem

9. Management of Long-term Depression & Preventing Relapse

10. Specific Advice for Partners

Course held in small groups and includes a workbook.


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