Our Philosophy

Mothers Helpers supports evidenced-based prevention, treatment and recovery options for mothers. We recognize that research in New Zealand of mothers with postnatal depression is limited, and that there are some types of treatment that are difficult to measure. Mothers Helpers supports continued research and seeks opportunities to measure recovery options including their own service to ensure mothers have the opportunity to recover quickly and more fully and preventing various consequences of postnatal depression in terms of its longevity and severity.

Mothers Helpers does not have a bias toward any one treatment option, but presents factual information to mothers so that they can make the best choice for them and their family.

Mothers Helpers vision is to prevent the occurrence, the longevity and the severity of postnatal depression and the significant effects these have on a mother and her family.

Mothers Helpers believes in an holistic approach to health incorporating the physical, psychological, social, mental, cultural and spiritual aspects of a person.


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