Mums’ Voice

Founded by Kristina Paterson who herself experienced both Antenatal and Postnatal Depression and Anxiety, Mothers Helpers has become a voice to those mothers who experience Perinatal Depression/Anxiety.

We ask mothers (and sometimes fathers) what their experiences are and then we present those experiences to health professionals and make recommendations.  There are two ways in which you can make your voice heard and be represented:

  1. You can participate in any of our surveys that we currently have going
  2. You can join as a Friend of Mothers Helpers and have your name listed with our’s when we make submissions to Select Committees, the Ministry of Health etc. and contribute to our discussions

Current (open) surveys:

Mums Who Have Had PND & Breastfeeding Problems

Single Dad’s Survey

Partners of Mums with PND


Survey Results:

NZ PND Survey Results

Mothers Helpers’ Survey of Midwives’ Knowledge of Perinatal Depression

Stress Single Mums are Under

Parents at University

School Experiences of Parents Whose Children Have Special Needs

Coming Soon:

Submission to the Ministry of Health

Data Results of our Postnatal Depression Recovery Programme


On this page we will list the results of our surveys, the submissions we have made to Select Committees, Ministry of Health etc. and any research/studies we have completed.  We will also list our current open surveys, so check back often!

If you are a health professional or from the media, we encourage you to bookmark this page as it will be a helpful resource to you.

Mothers Helpers is holding regular cross-agency huis to discuss the results of these surveys.  If you would like to be part of that discussion, please contact Kristina Paterson: kristinap@mothershelpers.org.nz

Media can also contact Kristina at the email address above for a comment or an interview.