Marriage/Relationship Services

Perinatal Depression/Anxiety can affect your relationship with your significant other and in some instances without support, it results in relationship/marriage breakdown.  If you are having problems in your relationship, Mothers Helpers would like to suggest some services where you might be able to get help.


Please note, women who experience Domestic Violence – whether it is psychological, financial, physical or sexual violence – often experience Depression as a result.  If that is your situation, please get help.

Call:  0800 REFUGE or 0800 733 843

CLICK HERE for more information about abusive relationships

CLICK HERE for how to develop a safety plan


If you would like support or assistance with your relationship, here are some great services Mothers Helpers would recommend to you:


Search NZAC Counsellors Directory (click on “Relationships” and your location in the search directory)



From the “Parenting Place”

Relationship Courses:

Imago Workshops – About Imago

The Marriage Course – Course Locations