There is a Housing Shortage, particularly in Auckland.  If you are in crisis in terms of housing/accommodation lease coming to an end and you have been unable to find anywhere to go, Mothers Helpers can give you the following advice of action you can take:


  • Contact Auckland Action Against Poverty to help you with advocating/supporting your application for a house with Housing NZ/WINZ.
  • Contact Shine, Monte Celia, Salvation Army or Womens Refuge for Emergency Accommodation
  • Housing NZ will not prioritise your situation until you have moved out of your home.  They then usually offer a house to you when you are homeless – you’d need to stay with a friend of family member during that week.
  • If that fails, by all means contact the media such as the NZ Herald or TV3 – often they will contact Housing NZ and then they’re given a house that same day.