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Attachment Between Baby and You

I have been reading a bit on attachment theory lately  – it’s a fascinating topic and something I’m keen to study more in depth.  It is certainly an issue for mothers with postnatal depression to be aware of – how their anxiety may be affecting their young baby or toddler.  The good news is that it’s not too late to work on your parenting so that you can provide a secure attachment for your child.

Here is an article on Anxious Attachment – what they describe as Ambivalent/Anxious Attachment if you’re curious to read more.  Below are some videos explaining this and other attachment styles briefly and then also briefly explaining what secure attachment is like between parent and child.

The good news is that with psychotherapy we can work on our own attachment style and this will have a positive impact on our relationships not only with our children (which has a major impact on their world and their relationships as adults) but also with our partner.

You can read more here

Single Parents Appreciation Day

Happy Single Parents Appreciation Day for yesterday March 21st to all those who have been or you are a single/sole parent, you have by deep admiration and respect.

Read this post we wrote on the stress single mothers experience but just want to also acknowledge the hard work of single/sole parenting of fathers – some of whom are doing it alone and without acknowledgement or support.