What Would You Get Out of the Course?

  • A one-on-one session with the Facilitator for 30-60mins prior to beginning the course to identify stress issues as well as existing strengths and resources and an opportunity to refer you to other community supports relevant to your needs and an assessment of the stress you are experiencing
  • A one-on-one session following the completion of the group to review your stress levels and discuss goals
  • Understand more fully what is happening biologically when you have Postnatal Depression
  • Learn what risk-factors contribute to depression
  • Understand how other specific stress factors contribute to depression and the effects of poorly treated depression
  • Learn the best ways to treat depression and how and why it works
  • Understand yourself, what led to your depression, what makes depression worse for you and what makes it better, and discover what will specifically aid your recovery
  • Gain support and understanding from other group participants
  • Identify stress factors, ways you can reduce and manage stress and anxiety
  • Understand wellbeing and how to achieve wellbeing and holistic health in your life
  • Have a workbook that you can refer to covering the topics below in detail
  • Group work and workbooks will assist you to reflect on your own situation and put together strategies and goals towards recovery from Postnatal Depression and the group will provide support with those goals/strategies