Counselling Information

There are 3 ways to find affordable/free counselling:

1. Your GP may be part of the Primary Health Options which funds up to 4 free counselling sessions – enquire with them.

2. If you have been diagnosed with Depression, you would be entitled to up to $58 “Disability Allowance” which could go towards counselling fees – most counsellors ask you top up this fee depending on what you can afford.  To apply for this, pick up a WINZ Disability Allowance application form for counselling and have your GP and your counsellor fill out the details.

3.  Mothers Helpers provides student counsellors and social workers who will work with you one-on-one or in a group situation facilitating our PND Recovery Course.  After the course is completed you can opt to continue one-on-one therapy with our student counsellor/social worker at just $10/session.

4.  A fourth option if you are not wanting to complete the PND Recovery Course with Mothers Helpers (for whatever reason) would be sourcing a counsellor through Youthline – they are not just for youth.  You pay what you can afford but they are based in Ponsonby and you don’t know who you will get – sometimes can be a counsellor in training ie. not yet qualified.



Find a counsellor in your area by searching the directory through the NZ Association of Counsellors – I’d recommend you search under the category of “Depression” or “Mental Health” if you have PND or under “Relationships” if it’s relationship counselling you’re looking for.

We can recommend the following counsellors (that we have dealt with personally) in the Auckland area:

Westside Counselling – they are part of Primary Health Options and will accept WINZ funding

151 Royal Rd, Massey, Auckland

PH: 09 833 3107

Focus Counselling

They will accept WINZ funding and also have money in their “Trust” to help top up if you can’t afford it and also may have a sliding scaled depending on income etc.

46 Ambler Ave, Glen Eden, Auckland

PH: 09 818 0760

Women’s Centre Waitakere City

Affordable counseling and affordable personal growth courses with a creche available.

111 McLeod Rd, Te Atatu South, Auckland

PH: 09 838 6381

VisionWest Counselling Centre

VisionWest’s philosophy is to make counselling accessible to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. Therefore fees are set on a sliding scale. Funding may also be available – they recommend you call to discuss.

97 Glendale Rd, Glen Eden, Auckland

PH: 09 818 0760


Susan Goldstiver

Postnatal Distress Centre

Greenlane, Auckland