Introducing a Few of Our Volunteers


Valued member of our Management Committee, Karyn Churcher tells us why she is involved with Mothers Helpers:”


When I heard about Mothers Helpers, I liked the way they give practical help to many mothers that are struggling. Having suffered with PND myself, been a single parent and supported woman and families, through fostering and teaching, I thought this would be something I could use my experiences to benefit other women and families, focusing on early intervention rather than at the bottom of the hill that some of my years of fostering had been.  I am learning from and working with some passionate people.  They have a very different skill set from me so it is a learning curve.  It is great to be involved with passionate caring people who are doing this for the good of others, no financial gain just a belief that they can make a difference.”


Kiri Windross is our General Administrator for Mothers Helpers.  She’s worn a number of hats since she has started with us including that of Auckland Area Manager, and we honestly could not have been able to do as much as we’ve been able to do without her.  She has also filled a need whenever she can – whether that’s been relieving a volunteer offering childcare or whether it’s sponsoring a mother so she can attend our PND Recovery course.  We are so grateful to have her as part of our team.  Kiri shares what motivates her…


“I chose to volunteer with Mothers Helpers because I know there is not enough government support for this debilitating illness, and it is an illness that can have a huge impact not only on mums, but on children, fathers and the family unit in general.  I also feel passionate about the fact that being supported by people who understand what you are going through makes the journey of depression less lonely.  I remember feeling when I was going through depression, that I would not wish the experience upon my worst enemy.  That seems a strong statement, but it expresses the desperation I felt at the time.  To know that my efforts may help to reduce the impact or severity on other people’s lives and this make every minute of volunteering worthwhile.  There is a big difference between receiving help from someone who actually cares, as opposed to receiving help from someone who is being paid to help you.  It feels really good to know you are making a difference.”


Judy Moore has recently joined the Mothers Helpers team as a Recruitment Manager.  With a background in Human Resources in the health industry, we are very fortunate to have her volunteer her time to help us.  Judy shares here why she has chosen to do that…


“The world today is very busy and demanding place for us all, but especially parents in general.  Families are often separated and neighbours do not know one another so when times get tough for mothers/parents there is often  a lack of available support or a lack of understanding of how to help.  Mothers Helpers is there to do exactly what it says in its title ie help and support mothers during times when they need help and guidance.  It is a cause I truly believe in – family is the heart of our nation. I think volunteering should be part of an individuals commitment to society.  For a community/society to prosper we need volunteers and to be a well rounded citizen I believe we need to give back to our community through volunteering.” 


It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and this year, the theme is “Give”:
 MH awareness wk 2015

Your time – te wā ki a koe, your words – ō kupu, your presence – ko koe tonu.

The Mental Health Foundation says:  “Seeing yourself, and your happiness, linked to the wider community can be incredibly rewarding and creates connection with the people around you. It feels good to give and everybody has something to offer. How will you play your part?” 

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