Who we are

Mothers' Helpers is a Charity which operates Nationwide to bring support and practical help to many mothers in New Zealand that are stressed and at-risk of developing Post-natal Depression, or they are suffering with Post-natal Depression/Distress.

Many mothers and pregnant mothers are afraid to ask for help, when they really need it.

Mothers Helpers can be there for you.

Kristina Paterson, Parent Coach and Registered Nurse of more than 15 years founded Mothers Helpers in 2011.

What we can do for you

Working with a number of sponsors, churches and agencies in our community, we are able to provide:

• Information on Postnatal Depression
• Support to Prevent Postnatal Depression
• Recovery from Postnatal Depression
• Community Relationships and Support
• Practical help (such as childcare and housework)
• Opportunities for rest, relaxation and time out

If you are a mother or know a mother that needs help/support, please click below on the "More button" and contact us today.

Help Us Help Mums in Need

There are a few ways you can help us continue helping mums with PND.